Non - Union | Over 18 | 5' 5" | 120lbs | Eyes: Light Green | Hair: Long Dark Brown                           




"The Right Reasons"                                 (Lead)                                       Logan Yuzna

"It's a Skater"                                             (Lead)                                       Logan Yuzna

"Maria Herrera"                                         (Lead)                                       Gato Salazar

"Queen"                                                     (Lead)                                       Keline Kanoui

"Shoot to Kill"                                           (Lead)                                       Jeffrey Kelly

"Lo Siento Mamá"                                    (Lead)                                        Damien Sandoval

"Cementiri"                                               (Lead)                                        David Ferrandiz

"12 Days of Trickmas"                              (Lead)                                        Logan Yuzna

"Hotel Home"                                            (Lead)                                        Lucia Dominguez

"The Chicken Party"                             (Supporting)                                   Carlos Valencia

"Street Nightmares"                              (Supporting)                                   Raisinman Productions

"Not with a bang"                                 (Supporting)                                   Natalie Toppino

"The Company you Keep"                    (Supporting)                                  Jerome Martin

"Ganked"                                               (Supporting)                                  Deena Trudy

"Skaters in Perish"                                 (Supporting)                                  Raisinman Production




"Isabel Murcia"  (TV Movie)                   (Lead)                                        Channel 26

"Una Palabra"                                           (Lead)                                        Channel 26

"So The New Coachella is No Chella"     (Regular)                                   MTV

"What Did These People Wear"               (Regular)                                    MTV

"Los Angeles Confidencial"                    (Regular)                                    Darkness Productions

"Glamour's Most Exclusive Party"          (Regular)                                    Glamour TV
"Pasarela Gaudí"                                      (Guest-star)                                RTVE / TVE1




"Sorpresa, Sorpresa!"                     (Isabel/Lead & Writer)                        Sagrado Corazón Theatre, Barcelona, Spain

"Frida Kahlo"                                 (Teresa Proenza/Lead)                         Macha Theatre, Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA




"Saw Off the Knobs" (Short)                    (Lead)                                     Logan Yuzna

"King Raisin" (TV Series)                        (Lead)                                     Logan Yuzna

"Hotel Transylvania 2" (Promo)         (Lead/Mavis)                                Sony Animation

"Frozen" (Promo)                                 (Lead/Olaf)                                 Disney Animation




The Groundlings School Improv Core Track Program (Ongoing)

Meisner Technique 2 year Conservatory Program with William Esper disciple J. Bitton (completed)
Voice and Speech with coach Rob Hahn of American Academy of Dramatic Arts (completed)

CE Semiotics at University of London (completed)

London Conservatoire for Dance and Drama with coach Renato Paroni (completed)




Extensive Comedy experience (Sketch & Improv), Host and Voiceover experience, Dancing (inter. modern, beg. ballet), Singing (Bass - D5 E2), inter. Fitness, adv. Roller Skating. Languages: Fluent Spanish, fluent Catalan. Accents: native Spanish accent, accomplished Mexican, Brazilian, Russian, Middle Eastern, French, Greek, and German accent.


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Diana Lado is an actress in Hollywood, California, known for her lead roles in independent feature films in the United States, and the role of Mercedes in the North American prime time TV Show "Una Palabra".

Diana is a sketch comedy student at The Groundlings. Before, she graduated of the Meisner Technique two-year Conservatory program with William Esper disciple, Joshua Bitton, who casted her as the Mormon Harper Pitt in the drama "Angels in America" by Tony Kushner. Prior to that, she was casted as Corie in the comedy "Barefoot in the Park". She also trains Voice & Speech with American Academy of Dramatic Arts professor, Rob Hahn. Diana studied Commercial Acting and Audition Technique before she began at the Meisner Conservatory.

Born in Barcelona, Spain, Diana was an avid reader growing up; writing and performing theater since childhood seeded her passion for Film and TV. Her career in entertainment began as a teenager, with a small appearance in National Spanish Television "TVE1". Diana moved to London to pursue an artistic career, studying at the London Conservatoire for Dance and Drama, and Semiotics at the University of London.

Her passion for film takes her behind the lens, having directed a digital campaign in Central Park, NYC for Reebok, and for Thrasher Skateboarding Magazine with reporter Bob Raisinman in Barcelona. She is often featured as Brand Ambassador in international publications, such as Vogue, Glamour, Marie Claire, and Grazia. Diana's style is regularly documented in style magazines and best dressed lists, she has been Brand Ambassador for Spanish clothing brands Mango, Carolina Herrera, and Rosa Clará, among others, and has worked with the British Topshop on many collaborations, including the "Top 10 Most Influential Women in LA" which Lado hosted during Oscars Week in Hollywood.

Lado has done Voice Overs for Disney and Sony Animation, promoting the Academy Award Winning films "Frozen" and "Zootopia", the "Tinkerbell" DVD series, and the critically acclaimed "Hotel Transylvania 2".